ENG – Agrigento finishes second in BSL tournament

Fortitudo Moncada Agrigento finished 2nd in the “Basketball Summer League” friendly tournament, in Udine.

The team defeated the hosts APU GSA Udine (Serie B division) in the semifinal on Friday night (69-57), then lost in the championship game against Trieste (Serie A2 – Eastern division), 71-81.

Coach Franco Ciani could not rotate the full roster as the starting point guard Alessandro Piazza and our backup center Rino De Laurentiis made the trip but could not play because of injuries. Also, young shooter Federico Vai get injured during the semifinal: all of them will be re-evaluated once the squad comes back in Agrigento.


Scott Eatherton

Because of those injuries, the team worked on special situations in both games: our new US players, Kelvin Martin and Scott Eatherton, played tough and they are fitting in the system.

Kelvin is a true defensive force and will be very tough to guard because of his athleticism and his aggressiveness, Scott is making sure to dominate the paint, he’s rebounding the ball very well and he’s finding his spots to receive the ball where he likes to.

This is what our head coach said after the final: “It looks funny to be happy after a defeat, but we did an excellent job. In the final we were close for 35 out of 40 minutes even if we started without three players and also small forward Marco Evangelisti and US big man Scott Eatherton went through minor injuries during the game, so we finished with only the half of our team. It was a very unusual situation and we faced it very well. I am very happy with the quality of our game and with our mentality”.

In the next preseason game, Agrigento will play Trapani (Serie A2 – Western division) on Wednesday (6PM Italian time).

Here the boxscores of the games in Udine:


APU GSA Udine-Fortitudo Moncada Agrigento 57-69 (20-24; 33-40; 46-54)

APU GSA Udine: Castelli 15, Ciriciofolo 2, Marchetti 4, Chiti dnp, Zacchetti dnp, Truccolo 11, Nobile, Pinton 5, Ferari 8, Maran, Vanuzzo 6, Poltronieri 6. Coach: Lardo
Fortitudo Moncada Agrigento: Martin 18, Vai, Evangelisti 19, Chiarastella 6, De Laurentiis dnp, Saccaggi 9, Morciano, Visentin 6, Piazza dnp, Eatherton 11. Coach: Ciani


Fortitudo Moncada Agrigento-Pallacanestro Trieste 2004 71-81 (23-20; 42-43; 57-60)

Fortitudo Moncada Agrigento: Martin 9, Vai dnp, Evangelisti 8, Chiarastella 15, Saccaggi 16, De Laurentiis dnp, Morciano 7, Visentin 2, Piazza dnp, Eatherton 14. Coach: Ciani
Pallacanestro Trieste 2004: Coronica 3, Prandin 7, Bossi 6, Baldasso 5, Pecile 6, Parks 10, Canavesi 7, Zahariev 19, Landi 15, Pipitone 3. Coach: Dalmasson

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