Scott Eatherton

Fortitudo Moncada Agrigento is back to winning, as the biancazzurri squad defeated Eurobasket Roma (Serie B team) by 74-70 in the semifinal of the “Memorial Matteo Ancione” tournament, in Ragusa.

The team had a pretty good start, building a double digit lead in the first quarter, but the Eurobasket side (coached by former Italian NT point guard Davide Bonora) never gave up.

Agrigento led almost all the game by 8-10 points, but they needed a couple of big defensive plays in the very end to finally control the last seconds: Alessandro Piazza scored two crucial free throws to give a 2 points lead to his side with 22 seconds to go, then Kelvin Martin signed the final score by his favorite move, a spectacular dunk.

“It was a great battle, I feel this game will be useful to us”, coach Franco Ciani said. “I am also very happy with Scott Eatherton‘s performance, who was more involved and efficient than in the very first games we have played so far”.

Here are the scorers of the game:

Fortitudo Moncada Agrigento-Eurobasket Roma 74-70 (25-12, 41-34; 56-48)

Fortitudo Moncada Agrigento: Vai, Evangelisti 8, Martin 27, Chiarastella 2, De Laurentiis 6, Saccaggi 5, Morciano, Visentin 2, Piazza 8, Eatherton 16. Coach: Franco Ciani

Eurobasket Roma: Gai dnp, Dip 2, Casale 9, Fanti, Stanic 16, Righetti 14, Romeo 3, Staffieri 12, Tomasello 6, Birindelli 8. Coach: Davide Bonora